Mile Share Can Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is the next frontier for reducing the environmental impacts of transportation choices. The problem with funding highways with a gas tax is that vehicles are using less fuel (which is a good thing!) but generating less funds.

Mile Share is not a VMT tax, but the issues are related, so I’m adding a few recent articles and links to show that VMT taxes are being talked about in the news.

Vehicle Mile Tax Draws Fresh Attention as Buttigieg Takes Post

The article states: “Rep. Sam Graves (Mo.), the top Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, has long supported a VMT tax as a replacement for the gas tax, and is interested in working with Buttigieg on it, a spokesperson for the congressman said.”

California’s Road Charge Pilot

“Road Charge is an alternative funding mechanism that allows drivers to support road and highway maintenance based on how many miles they drive, instead of how many gallons of gas they use. Just like you pay your gas and electric bills based on how much of these utilities you use, a road charge – also called a mileage-based user fee – is a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance, preservation, and improvements for all Californians.”

Virginia hits gas pedal on plans to fund infrastructure with mileage-based fees

Virginia Code: Highway Use Fee and Mileage-Based User Fee Program.

(Virginia’s fee by the way, targets electric vehicles and penalizes EV owners.  It is a disincentive to purchase electric vehicles. I would prefer that it focus on large  commercial trucks which actually cause much more wear and tear on roadways than the relatively small number of electric vehicles owned by early adopters who are trying to save the planet.)

However, if VMT were addressed across the board, it would benefit the planet.  Mile Share is a framework to reward people who drive less.

North Bay Business Journal: US, California exploring vehicle-miles-traveled ‘user fee’ to replace gas tax

This article in the North Bay Business Journal  from September 13, 2021 gives a good over view of the topic.